Avoiding a shower WI 4+

Line nr 3, right side of #44

The approach to this route goes in the same canyon as the route Hrynjandi(in grindagil) but turns left up a steep hill with some small sections of ice. Crampons and ice axes recommended for the approach as it is quite steep(40° – 50°). Takes around 30 minutes to get to the routes from the car. You can park by the side of the road or follow a 4wd track down to the river. Crossing the river on foot should be possible if the river is well frozen and there are some ice bridges.

The route starts up a steep, near vertical ice slab leading into the crux move which is getting up through a small chimney-like feature. Some fun stemming moves there and after that there is a short rest under some massive icicles. Use extreme caution if breaking any of those. The next part is completely vertical until easing off a little at the top. We didn’t top out, instead we made a v-thread and went back down the same way.

The name of the route comes from the fact that the line a little to the right of the route is VERY wet and was attempted first but after getting drenched after placing 2 screws in it we traversed over to this one.

22m WI4+

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Crag Kjós
Sector Grenihlíð
Type Ice Climbing