Annual magazine party and general meeting

On the 29. of september the board of Ísalp will hold the annual general meeting and right after and right after the party for our annual magazine that is finally being issued.

According to the clubs laws, the schedule is a follows:

  1. Election of the meetings moderator.
  2. Report from the board
  3. Annual accounts presented
  4. Changes to the laws
  5. Election of the clubs president
  6. Election of a new board
  7. Election of the line-up committee
  8. Election of two account inspectors
  9. Decide the annual membership fee
  10. Other

Those who have paid the annual membership fee have a valid vote at the meeting.
Candidacy shall be sent to the line up committee ( before 26. of sptember but empty seats can be offered on the meeting it self.
All propositions for changes to the laws should be sent to the board ( before 26. of september.

Location: Bryggjan brugghús klukkan 19:00


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