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    My name is Line Veenstra, my husband (Christian) and I are very involved in the mountaineering club at the University of British Columbia – the Varsity Outdoor Club ( We found your club on the internet – it seems like a tightly knit mountaineering club, very similar to our own.

    For Christmas my wife and I will be travelling to Denmark to visit her family, and discovered that it does not cost extra in order to stop in Iceland on the return trip to Canada – so naturally we would like to take advantage of this opportunity.

    Would it be possible to join any of your club members on a trip during this time? We would be flying in/out on Jan 2nd/6th.

    We are reasonably experienced backcountry telemark skiers and mountaineers, have all our own equipment (although if you know of a place which rents equipment at a reasonable rate we may do that rather than fly with it), and can take care of ourselves. We would be very happy to go on a tent-based ski tour where we carry all supplies with us and climb some remote mountain, or even a simple hut trip where we don’t have to ski very far to get in (maybe not such a bad idea, given the short days). It would be great to meet up with some of you while we’re there.

    Let us know if you are interested,
    Christian and Line

    Also if anyone have any info about how/where to rent telemark skis and where to buy maps, that would be greatly appriciated.

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