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    Ísland virðist vera orðinn áhugaverður áfangastaður fyrir skíðamenn þar sem hér kemur ein fyrirspurn til viðbótar um skíðagöngu yfir Ísland.

    Að neðan er pósturinn sem barst til Ísalp og vonandi geta einhverjir svarað þessum væntanlegu gestum Íslands.

    Hi there,

    I am planning on skiing across Iceland this Spring with some friends (North to South). We would like to do this on our own steam (without a guide). We are at the early stages of planning our expedition but would like to share our initial plan with you for your feedback and any resources you can recommend.

    At present we are aiming to fly into Akureyri, ski onto the plateau and then South over 7-8 days. We would probably head to Laugafell, on to Nyidalur, down the Jokulheimar and on to the southern coast. We hope we could make it right up to the coast and then organise a pick up to take us back to the capital.

    Do you consider this achievable?

    Could you offer any recommendations regarding the route? (we would like to start and finish within sight of the sea)

    Can you think of any resources we can access online? (kit list, route etc.)
    Who do you recommend for logistical support?

    In terms of experience, we are a mixed bunch of climbers (Khan Tengri, McKinley and multiple routes in the Alps and Scotland) and back country skiers. We have experience on glaciers and at organising expeditions. This would be a great opportunity for us to discover Iceland and try out dragging sledges.

    Any insight you could share with us would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks,

    samchappatte (at) gmail (dot) com

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