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    Hi there,

    I plan to travel in Iceland for Christmas with by girlfriend, we’re coming from France (next to the Alps) and we’d be very excited by the idea to do some ski touring workouts (one day trip/corridor).
    I’ve been reading some articles/websites etc. and it mostly suggests to go to the Northern part of Iceland. Unfortunately (ski isn’t the main topic of our journey), we won’t have time to visit the north of the country. Nevertheless, I’ve seen several website talking about ski touring on Vatnajökull starting from Fjallsjökkul or Skallafelsjökull.

    Do you have any hints, advices concerning our idea?
    1. Is that thinkable to do some ski touring in end December or is it too early in this region?
    2. Are Fjallsjökkul or Skallafelsjökull good starting point to make a short daily workout?
    3. Is it easy to rent some equipment (skis, shoes) in this region?

    Thanks a lot for your help!


    So the Vatnajökull ‘tour’ you mention is cross-country skiing across the ice cap, a several day expedition. Not really the correct terrain if you’re looking for fun touring up mountains etc. There is touring in the southern and eastern regions, plenty of it, but December is difficult because of light (few hours per day) and possible lack of good snow (maybe better in later winter). That said, it’s not impossible and some good days can still be had. has plenty of info on backcountry routes people have done and is a good starting place for figuring stuff out.

    There is also plenty of good day/few hour long tours close to Reykjavík if the snow allows.

    If you want to rent gear the only places are in Reykjavík really, and it’s not cheap.

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