November Alpine Climbing?

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    Hi Everyone,

    I’m planning a 10 day visit in early November and I was wondering what typical alpine conditions are during this time. Our goal is make some summits, but otherwise just to enjoy beautiful scenery with some easy technical climbing. Ideally, we are looking for some relatively easy alpine climbing including glacier traverse, rock climbing up to 5.6, and ice climbing up to AI2. Are the higher elevations generally covered in enough snow and ice at this time, or are there usually too many crevasses and unfrozen terrain to make this a poor idea in November? I know this is probably one of the worst months for alpine climbing in Iceland, but I’m curious if it’s possible. I know the weather can be temperamental so worst case we get a lot of rain and get to enjoy some moody camping and cafes instead.

    Any suggestions or information is much appreciated! Isalp has been really enjoyable to browse through looking for beta and ideas. Thanks for any help!


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