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    Went to Hvalfjordur-Reynivallaháls and climbed route n30 Nóngil http://www.isalp.is/en/problem/nongil with andrea and Matteo. we did 9 pitches, all about 50m and only one of 30m. except one, the rest they have steps to climb. Very nice route, highly recommended. We did the left branch on the top.
    Carpark at Stepji natural monument. Approach 10min and descent by a slope east then the route (there is also a gully that can be used).


    Went to Þilið today with Andrea and Matteo. we climbed two pitches and then rappelled down. there are big umbrellas and the cornice on top is huge. the entire sector looks in good conditions.
    we left the car at the fence and took 2h for the approach.


    Went to Mulafjal with Andrea and climbed a new route in Leikfangland, Mother Earth M7+ on trad pre-placed.

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