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    Hey dudes,
    who’s up for climbing this week?
    I need to train a bit, so I’d love to get to some vertical/slab ice (like glacier ice) to train speed-climbing. And some overhanging (not too overhanging though!!) ice for lead and also some drytool/mixed things…
    I can make time every day of the week, so also on Mondays, Tuesdays etcetera.
    I’ll pay your petrol costs (as my car is out of battery…need to do a good checkup) and buy your food for the day. So the only thing you have to do is smile :)
    Who’s up for some ice/rock? I’d like to go out as much as possible and can make time every day until half December.
    So dudes, get your lazy ass out of your computer-gaming-chair and go outside! (with me)
    Greetz, Marianne


    Hljómar eins og tilboð sem ekki er hægt að hafna … en það er ekki mikið frost í kortunum eins og er.


    Hey dude,
    but there is enough ice on the glacier though?
    Just to practice…who’s up? :)
    (You just try to find yourself an excuse ha ;)


    Ok, still no reply… is ISALP not the right club, to search for people who do iceclimbing?
    Well, lets put it like this: I’ll pay your petrol costs and bake you a cake (or an icecream in Vesturbaer)
    I’ve put this message here because I don’t have all your phone numbers, if else I would have called. :)
    Or call me: 8237365
    What more do I need to do to get you guys out of town?

    What more do I need to do to get you guys out of town?

    Bring the temperature down about 5 degrees…

    Seriously though, this early winter has been absolute crap. No ice and still nothing but rain in the charts. The forecast for the weekend is 6-8 degrees and showers in Reykjavík and that’s just not good ice-climbing weather.

    So the only plausable ice-climbing over the weekend is Sólheimajökull and that’s only fun if the weather is decent (today the forcast is VERY windy on the south coast over the weekend).

    To sum it up, there are no ice-climbing conditions on the south-west corner these days. No amount of cake will fix that. And you can’t fix the weather by calling us pussies either. True as that may otherwise be.

    If the weather changes and conditions with it, I’ll be sure to give you a call.




    Come to Canmore Marianne,
    lots of ice in right now and its been frigging puking snow for the last few days. Rogers Pass is as heavy with snow now as it was at Jan last season.
    Bring on the baking

    Arnar Jónsson

    Like Skabbi said, the weather has been total crap (dam you global warming) these last weeks, and the promise of frost in the weather charts has like so often always been a disappointment.

    But there might still be a possibility that we will go out and do some dry tooling or go to Sólheimajökull, tomorrow or on Sunday like we discussed in Klifurhúsið the other day. You have my number and you can call me later to day, then I should have some more info.

    Best regards,


    Hvaða væl er þetta? Hér er bara kominn vetur og nú er bara að brýna tólin og kíkja til fjalla. Það eru auðvitað allir velkomnir vestur. Nú erum við skrælingjarnir loksins búnir að fá malbik alla leið…


    Freyr Ingi

    jæja.. hver fékk kökubitann frá Marianne um helgina ??


    Hey hey,
    so…Ivar was so sweet to call me.
    The only thing was, that I didn’t knew he had a whole car full of hungry men (I mean hungry for a piece of cake) So my chocolate cake was a bit small…Next time I’ll make home-made apple-cake.
    So who’s up for the next session? I have some cool new axes with Hedinn made for me, and I can’t wait to try them!
    B.t.w. who’s the ‘old dude’ who ever competed in the Worldcup Iceclimbing for Iceland and became second? (Can’t find his name)

    Siggi Tommi

    Þú ert væntanlega að tala um Guðmund Helga Christensen en ég hef enga trú á að hann (né aðrir) samþykki að vera kallaður gamall… :)

    Siggi Tommi

    Hetjugrein um Marianne á mbl.is í dag.
    Gott ef þetta átti ekki að fara á prent líka en í mótmælaskyni við Dabba kóng, neita ég að kaupa blaðið. Maður reynir kannski að kíkja í blaðið hjá nágrannanum eftir vinnu.


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