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    Good news: I no longer need axes for the Ísfestival weekend.

    (yes, Örylgur, I have borrowed David´s – he says he has found his leashes now… so maybe I will try to arrange for him to drop the leashes off to you, and prehaps you could please then bring the axes and leashes with you to the Festival? I hope this is OK with you……)

    I am still looking for a petrol-share: is anyone interested in staying an extra day up North, either before or after the event? I would certainly like to do this, if anyone planning a slightly longer trip up NOrth.

    cheers for now, Helen

    Siggi Tommi

    Free your wrist to free your mind! :)

    Go leashless, if the axes support your pinky finger…

    Several of us have gone leashless recently, I for instance bought some stuff from the hardware store to create hooks for my pinky, both at the bottom of the shaft and also around the middle (for a high hold, e.g. for matching hands on one ax).

    As I understand it, most people are leaving on Thursday to return on Sunday. Are you talking about yet another extra day?
    I´ll keep you in mind if we have a vacant spot in the car.


    not sure I´m ready for that freedom! thanks though.

    Yes, I was thinking of an extra day. I would like to explore the possibilitiies of the area more fully. so, either Monday or Wednesday I guess. Weather looks warm this week, so maybe Monday might be better (and hope for colder then)?

    I have a potential lift up there now though and my partner can´t stay MOnday unfortunately (or go early Tues). So, if I extend my stay then my climbing partner for the weekend would need to get back also; I would not like him to be stranded in Akureyi on Sunday if I stayed longer… although someone could probably help here and give him a ride back??

    If you think you would like to stay longer, let me know.

    Then we can work out the other details of a ride up for two or us, and possibly a ride back for me with you, and a ride back for him with others.

    this might work! who knows!?!

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