Ice conditions Esja / Mulafjall: January-February 2019

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    Hi all,

    We are a group of ice climbers from London planning to visit Iceland in late February. We only have 3 days so are hoping to avoid a long drive north as we don’t have much time.

    We haven’t found a source of recent information regarding ice conditions in Esja or Mulafjall. Does anyone here know where we can find some?

    If anyone goes ice climbing in or around these areas we would be very grateful for any updates on conditions.

    Photo added for inspiration 🙂


    Conditions here are just really random, no way telling if things will be in or not. Múlafjall needs about 5-7 days of steady sub zero temps to get in. We have had a very warm winter, just some short cold periods. Now winter seems to have arrived, been snowing for a few days and people were out climbing last weekend. But you will basically just have to post here a few days before your arrival. Jan/Feb are pretty likely to get some ice but you never know. If you have access to a car it would be highly likely that you can find some area in, or go a bit higher up. Worst case scenario, climb some cauldrons in the outlet glaciers. But hopefully it won’t come to that.

    In short: Þetta reddast!


    Many thanks for the update! Fingers crossed conditions stay favourable, and as you say I’m sure it will work out 🙂

    Do you have any recommendations of areas close by we should consider as fallback options? Or indeed glacier options?

    Thank you and climb safe! 🙂

    Otto Ingi


    People usually post info about condition to this thread: Ísklifuraðstæður 2018-2019
    Sólheimajökull is the closest glacier

    Þetta reddast

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