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    Hann Steve er við sama heygarðshornið..



    Páll Sveinsson

    Það eru ekki allir að gera góða hluti.

    March 25th Steve House logged some frequent flyer mileage while leading a pitch roughly half way up the Greenwood/Locke (sp?) route on Mount Temple. He was climbing with Bruce Miller. He fell approximately 25 meters, hitting a ledge during the fall. He sustained moderate injuries: broken ribs, collapsed lung, stable fractures of several vertebrae, & his tailbone. He was taken by helicopter off of the mountain shortly after the fall as Bruce was able to call out for assistance. As of this posting, Steve is at the Foothills Hospital in Calgary recovering for a few days. He will not need any surgery, only rest time to heal his injuries.



    „Climbers, mostly men of thin build, who think pulling on a small hold makes them gods. Alpinists are slightly tougher individuals than rock climbing cougars, who climb in very expensive gear, up snow slopes, that have sometimes been snowboarded down by hung over pot-heads. 8000 meter climbers, are too untalented to be either of the first two examples.“

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