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    Dear Icelandic Alpine Club,

    I’m traveling to Iceland next week. I found out that there are several climbing spots around iceland and I hope that you can hook me up with some local climbers.

    I’d like to do some climbing but since I’m traveling by myself that’s a bit of a problem. I’m looking for some (private) people who would like to do some climbing in Skaftafell (July 6th) or Hvalfjörðurand (July 14th) and won’t mind me joining them. I wouldn’t want to do a tour such as this: since I don’t need traing and can bring my own equipment. All I would need is a belaying partner. Can you get me in touch with someone? Pease feel free to forward this mail and my contacs.

    I appreciate your help.

    Karin Morch


    Well I would not want to be doing that trip either – sins the pictures are taken from 400km away from Reykjavik – the long drive would not allow for much climbing in a day tour :)

    But if you are in Skaftafell you might want to drop in with the IMG guides in the area and see if some of them are heading out to Hnappavelli in the evening – other way there should be people in Hnappavellir all the time if the weather is good.

    Good luck

    Gummi St

    Hér er önnur fyrirspurn sem mér barst:


    I’m Jacopo from Italy and I’m looking for someone to climb the
    Snaefellsjokull in the days between the 2nd and the 6th of August.
    If somenone is interested in join the excursion he can contact me at

    Sá vildi einnig komast í klettaklifur ef hann fengi einhvern með sér.


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