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    Hello Iceland!

    A friend and I plan to cross your nice iceland beginning next year.
    At the moment we have the 3 first weeks of April in mind.

    At the moment we have a rough idea how to cross. Before we buy all the maps and book the flights, we would like to have some feedback of the locals.
    We start in Akureyri, go due south and after entering Sudurland, we can choose to aim for Hrauneyjar (quicker way out?) or go further south if we have time left.

    – Snow cover: during a normal winter/spring, can we expect to have snow everywhere between Akureyri and the southern ring road?
    – It looks like there is no public transport anywhere from the ring road towards the center of the island? For example Rejkjavic to Hrauneyjar or Akureyri to the south (Grund)? Are taxis an option to go closer inland?
    – Can we expect all the rivers to be frozen during that period? For example Pjorsa?
    – What are the rules for the huts? Are they open (unmanned), should you get a key or is it impossible to enter during the winter? (just as backup, we’ll do everyting with tent)

    other specific icelandic things we should know?

    Thank you in advance!

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