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    Hi everyone,

    it has been quite a while since I was in Iceland last… So time to get back :)
    How are you all? I read a lot about skiing (even with a new skiing webpage) and see climbing is developing as well. Good job!

    I’d like to come over to climb this Summer. I have loads of time, but not exactly in the best period. I’m planning to be around from the start of August till the start of September.
    Now I have quite some plans and maybe you all have some fun suggestions to add to the plan.

    Here the plan:
    – run the Laugavegurinn walk instead of walking the whole path.
    – climb on Thumall and maybe open a new route (anyone ideas/tips…?)
    – climb in Hnappavellir but only trad (no bolts)
    – figure if it’s possible to drytool in the cave just before Vestrahorn (if rockclimbing can’t be done of course)
    – climb some Alpine routes in the level of TD+ and up (ED/ED+/ABO)
    – travel around an meet up with you all again

    So, does anyone have suggestions of where to get into serious Alpine stuff in this period/time? And maybe does anyone have suggestions for multipitch trad routes around the island up to French 7c?

    If anyone wants to join, you’re welcome of course. We (=Dennis and me) like to come over by boat so we can bring our 4×4 VW T3 campervan. We have two spare places so we can always give you a hitch or take some extra company :)

    Hope you’re all already climbing minded so early in the season and hope you can give me some advice on where/what in trad and alpine (n)iceLand.

    All the best!

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