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What more do I need to do to get you guys out of town?

Bring the temperature down about 5 degrees…

Seriously though, this early winter has been absolute crap. No ice and still nothing but rain in the charts. The forecast for the weekend is 6-8 degrees and showers in Reykjavík and that’s just not good ice-climbing weather.

So the only plausable ice-climbing over the weekend is Sólheimajökull and that’s only fun if the weather is decent (today the forcast is VERY windy on the south coast over the weekend).

To sum it up, there are no ice-climbing conditions on the south-west corner these days. No amount of cake will fix that. And you can’t fix the weather by calling us pussies either. True as that may otherwise be.

If the weather changes and conditions with it, I’ll be sure to give you a call.