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hæ Sissi
Wow, thanks for that postive reply to my posting. Cheers. Good to get the translated schedule – much appreciated! (saves me a lot of dictionary-time…)

Yes, I see that the spring schedule is really quite busy. I will definitely try to get to a few events.

When you say ‘schools’ do you mean the colleges/university centres? sounds good. Anyone out there know more?

Yes, I´m getting to know a little about the Rescue Team out here at Stykkishólmur and am hopefully going to get to hear a little more about other Snæfellsnes based teams through my contact here in town. Just to get out camping and hiking would be good, and climbing a bonus. As I say, missing some axes presently… but have 50m 1/2 rope, harness, hat, (summer) gear, boots, crampons.

Yes, I will try to get to the Ísfestival. Anyone driving up my way/that I could meet at Borganes to share the journey?

kind regards
ps……. Swindon?!? (near Bristol? how did he get to be a Monarch THERE?)