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Went to Blikdalur yesterday and climbed Vegvísir with Andrea. We choose the approach from the truck scale next to the Hvalfjordur tunnel and took us 3h; first 45-60 min you follow a jeep track then is nothing to follow except staying close to the stream. Need to cross a lot of small gully and stream.
The route is fun and we did in 3 pitches; first a solid WI4 looks like a slab (40m), then a WI4+ of a pillar (30m). The last one cross some umbrellas and it is quite tricky (WI4, 30m). Descent is by a slope on the left of the route. We left the backpack at the bottom. The way back is is just slightly quicker (2.5h). There is another approach form Esja Steinn, going over the mountain and lower to the route; watch out at avalanche terrain! Probably slightly shorter.