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Hi, on Saturday, Eyþór & I went to Eilífsdalur to climb Einfarinn (route A5). It looked like there wasn’t enough ice to climb the variation a) so we ended up climbing below variation b) & came back down (it was getting too late). The ice was not very thick were we were, but it looked like the ice was good on variation b).

On Sunday, Freyr, Eyþór & I went climbing in Brynjudalur. We climbed a route just W of Árnaleið (can’t find the name, but I think it is a WI3), and then we climbed Árnaleið. It was good, although the ice looked thinner on Árnaleið than the photos on Ísalp.

Fun weekend, and thank you for all of the useful information that is available/shared within this club & this website.