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short update about conditions. On Tuesday i went on a round trip of Esja and Skarsheidi: here is a short report.
Grafarfoss: went today and is ok, ice non always thick but some lines are good.
Tviburagill: on tues was pretty dry, maybe some more ice now
Vesturbrunir: dry except for welcome to iceland that is looking ok
Blikidalur: looks there are some lines
Hrutadalur: long approach but good conditions..see new ascents
Eilifsdalur: long approach but pretty good conditions all lines!!
Mulafjall: looks medium cold, probably to icy for dry but need more ice for ice.
Brynjudalur: pretty dry
Villingadalur: the lines were looking snow cover and with water in middle, but was before these cold day …so maybe ok
Bolaklettur: dry, needs more time

Pictures on FB @matteo100challenge