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Byrjandi WI 2

First gully right of Testofan or first left of Risandi,  marked as N0 in the topos

Easy snow climb until the last two pitches where you get some WI2 ice

Belay on top with sling around rocks


FF Óþekktur

(climbed by Elisabet, Halli and Matteo 21/01/2020)

Mother Earth M 7+

Route on the right of Mind Power (D7), that follow an evident crack and then a shield on the top part.

Climbed with pre-placed gear (pinkpoint). There is a bolt at first  that can be use to belay Mind Power and then 2 bolts on the top as anchor.

FA Matteo Meucci and Andrea Fiocca 23/04/2021

Mind Power M 7

Route D7

A route up the buttress between Frosti (D6) and Dvali (D8).

Grade M(D) 7, 26m, 13 bolts. Up on top there is a single bolt that can be used to approach the edge and then by the edge there are two bolts, one of them has a ring.

The route follows the same crack from the beginning and all the way to the top. A lot of the holds for the axes relys on  torquing the axe so the blade stays in but occasionally you can hook a deeper edge. The footholds are in some parts very few and delicate for crampons. Probably it’s better to wear normal rock climbing shoes since there is no ice and almost no wet parts in the route. The route can be climbed as a sport climb in the summer.


FA: Matteo Meucci, 25. april 2020.

Kids in the Playground M 4

Route number D10.

Easy corner with a ledge mid way. Protected with trad gear.

FA: Matteo Meucci & Bjartur Týr Ólafsson May 2017, M 4, 30m

Fear is 90 M 6

Route number D9

Nice arette in the beginning with keymoves mid way up. Final part is on a vertical wall and a thin crack. Traditional protection. This route was the 90th in Matteos 100 route mission.


FA: Matteo Meucci & Bjartur Týr Ólafsson, May 2017, M6, 30m


Route number D7a.

Drytooling toprope route that will be bolted soon enough.


Engar skrúfur WI 4

Route number D13.

The first accent was in very thin conditions and it didn’t take a single ice screw. Some trad placements are available but there is a decent section right above the start and to the midpoint that doesn’t have many options for pro. The route is probably WI 4 if it gets fat but it was closer to WI 4+ in the first accent

FA: Matteo Meucci and Jónas G. Sigurðsson, 08.03 2017

25m WI 4/+ R

Gallblaðran WI 3

Route number D11.

Easy gully, probably fills if it snows too much

WI 3

FA: Unknown

Dvali WI 3

Route number D8

WI2-3. Short route up a gutter. It probably gets full of snow over the winter and becomes easier. It is possible to decend the next gully to the right

FA: Unknown

Funi WI 4

Route number D5

It’s possible to do at least 2 variations. The easier one follows ice ramp in the center and to the right. WI 4 single pitch

FA: Unknown

Rísandi eystri WI 4

Route number 1 (D1).

Slightly easier than the west one


FF: Jón Geirsson og Snævarr Guðmundsson 14.des 1986.

Skemmtilega myndaseríu frá Fjallateyminu má finna hér, þegar þeir fóru í leiðina í janúar 2018.


Rísandi vestari WI 4

Route number 2 (D2).

Rísandi vestari (right side) was the first big waterfall to be climbed in Múlafjall. After the first part the waterfall splits in two. This route goes to the right and is slightly harder than the left one.

FA: Jón Geirsson & Snævarr Guðmundsson 21. April 1983


Botnlanginn WI 3+

Route number D12.

Top right of Leikfangaland


FA: Jón Geirsson and Snævarr Guðmundsson.

Stígandi WI 4+

Route number 3 (D3)

WI 4-4+ 100m.

Few ice ledges, tallest one is 15m

FA: Jón Geirsson, Kristinn Rúnarsson og Snævarr Guðmundsson.


Fengitími WI 5

Route number D4

Starts in a steep icetickle and carrys on to a big ledge. Tecnical ice from there. WI4+ /WI 5.

2 pitches

FA: Unknown like most routes in Múlafjall





Frosti WI 5

Route number D6

Wide and steep. 30m


FA: Jón Geirsson and Snævarr Guðmundsson 14. dec 1986.

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