Sector A on the map. You can read about the approach on the overview page for Hvalfjörður

“Sigurjón” is below a number of ponds and should therefore provide early season fun and stay that way for most of winter. Due to the proximity to the ocean it should rarely be too cold and the surf creates a cozy ambiance. Please keep in mind that the approach via the shoreline gets flooded so plan accordingly. There seems to be an easy line (WI2) that can be topped out.

In this sector there are opportunities for multiple first ascents, some of them over 20 meters long. Grades are probably from WI2 up to WI4+.  We recommend using lines from the song about “Sigurjón digri” for route names, for example: “Komnir til að sjá og sigra”, “Með krafta í kögglum” og “Takið af ykkur skóna!”

  1. Unclimbed
  2. Unclimbed
  3. Bóna, bóna, bóna (WI3-)
  4. Og bóna (WI3)
  5. Unclimbed (best for rappelling into the sector)
  6. Með ballskó í bögglum (WI3+)
  7. Unclimbed
  8. Unclimbed
  9. Unclimbed
  10. Unclimbed

As you can see in the pictures there is a healthy amount of ice at the top so it should be possible to rappel into the sector as well.