About Ísalp

The Icelandic Alpine Club is a group of people with an interest in mountaineering, including activities such as rock and ice climbing, ski touring, glacier crossing, expeditions etc. The club was founded in 1977 and currently has around 300 members. The club organizes all kinds of training programs for its members; publishes newsletters and a spectacular annual. Lectures from members and visiting mountaineers are mainly held during the winter as well as different kinds of informal gatherings.

The club runs two mountain huts. One is situated in Tindfjöll and was rebuilt in 2009. The other hut is placed in Botnsúlur and is under construction. ISALP shares a clubhouse with Klifurhusid, bouldering gym.

Every year ISALP organizes an ice climbing festival.

For further information: info[at]isalp.is

Club house adress : Ármúli 23 (Klifurhúsið) MAP

Postal address:

Pósthólf 1054
101 Reykjavík

The Board
Sif Pétursdóttir, president
Erla Guðný Helgadóttir, treasurer
Sydney Gunnarson, secretary
Andrea Geirsdóttir
Ólafur Þór Kristinsson
Magnús Ólafur Magnússon
Matteo Meucci