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Me and Siggi Ymir went in Brynjudalur today and climbed a couple of pitches (C4 and B1). Ice is good and most of the line are formed. The road is impassable by the farm because of an hard pile of snow, so count 15min more on the approach. A bit of crost on the approach the closer to the cliff.
General conditions:
everything look pretty formed from Grafarfoss til Mulafjall (looks great) and over. A bit of snow on the easier routes but easy to spot (es: 55gradur in Buahamrar looks buried in snow). Orion is good, Eilifsdalur great, Yringur looks doable (a couple of parts in doubt), Snati and Nalaraugad are good.
Get the chances to go before the warm weather on monday til wednesday! 🙂 North exposed cliff are quite windy in these days.
Another party further in the cliff maybe in Þyrnigerðið sector.