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    My name is Amar Vutha; I work as a researcher at Harvard University in Boston, USA. I plan to be in Iceland between 15th March-2 April and I am writing to try and find some climbing partners during that time. This will be my first trip to Iceland, and I am eagerly looking forward to the trip. I am definitely more interested in having fun and getting to know your country through its mountains and ice-climbs, rather than to check off some list of routes. I would be more than happy to tag along with any of your club’s trips, or to climb with anyone who needs a belayer. I will have my own gear and lots of time ! (As for experience: I like climbing waterfall ice in the North-Eastern USA, and have previously done a bit of mountaineering in the north-western US, Ecuador and India.)

    Could you please pass the word to your members and let them know ? Anyone interested can feel free to email me at this address.

    Takk kaerlega !

    Póstfangið hans Amar er



    I’m in a similar situation. I’ll be in Iceland April May 9-13 and would like to tag along with someone. I don’t want to carry my gear on this trip so I will probably rent some. I’ve ice climbed some before and am more than willing to pay for your expenses. I’m 25, male and laid back.

    Thank you,


    Hello I am in in the same situation..I have moved to Iceland since one month ago.. :S And no climbing.Is anyone interested for rock climbing,mountaineering,etc. I dont have so much experience in ice-climbing to go first but i can do as a belayer..
    If someones is interested message me. :)
    have a nice evening!


    Hi Evangelos! I’m living in Iceland also. I’m trying to create a group to go to the mountains in Iceland. I’m not so experienced in techincal things (like ropes and so on) but I’ve been always in the mountains. Just send me a mail or contact me if you still in Iceland or you’re interested.

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