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Veggfóður WI 6

Leið númer A8,5

Just right of the ice you can see on the far right in the photo

WI 6 / M 6, 120m

Full trad rack, C3, C4 and short screws stuttar.

FA: Albert Leichtfried & Benedikt Purner 7. february 2018

Stönt hrútur WI 4

Leið vinstramegin við A4, Captin Hook (A3,5)

Tvær spanir, WI 4

FF: Arnar Þór og Sissi 13. Feb 2016

Salómon svarti WI 5

Leið vinstra megin við A6, Danska leiðin (A5,5)

Tvær spanir, WI 4+/5

FF: Haukur og Freysi 13. Feb 2016

X-files WI 6

Left side of  A1, Whish you were here

Three pitches

  1. WI 4
  2. M 6, a short mix section and the rest of the pitch is WI 6
  3. WI 6 upp á topp

The route was first done at the Ísalp iceclimbing festival 2016. The routes name comes from a move in the upper section where you have to stretch your body out to a big X

FA: Albert Leichtfried og Benedikt Purner, 13/02 ’16

Butter and Onions WI 5+

The route is the right line on the picture

Butter And Onions 50M WI5+

It is located on the arête to the left of Lust and about 50 meters to the right of Lost In Iceland. It is an awkward route that follows two different columns. The upper column is very awkward and over hanging. Super fun but steep climbing .

On the other side of the reef, right side of the right route, is the route Girnd

FA: Wes Bender, Shawn Morgan 2-Feb-2016

Stekkjastaur WI 5+

Leið merkt inn sem A10

WI 5+, 120m

Stórt kerti sem ekki vex alltaf niður. 20m lóðrétt/yfirhangandi fyrst, siðan 50m WI4, svo brött/tæknileg 50m WI5. Mjög ábrandi á staðnum. Sennilegast ein af táknrænustu leiðum landsins.

A breathtaking long pillar over a 10-15m overhang at the start.
Pillar doesn´t always touch the ground below, so can be quite
hard. 50m of WI4 after the pillar, then steep and technical
50m of WI5 to the top.

Fyrst farin 25. desebember 1996. Karl Ingólfsson, Tómas G Júlíusson

Ræsið WI 3+

A wide ice line in a narrow gully/chimney north of A8.

70m af ís samkvæmt nýjustu mælingum (2023)

Fyrst farin af Jón Gunnar Þorsteinss., Húnbogi Valsson 24. febrúar 2001,


Tangó kálfanna WI 4+

Leið merkt inn sem A8 á mynd

A striking slab route in a gully north of A6. 50m of WI2-3,
then 50m of WI4+ and then finally 20m steep turf climbing to
the top.

Fyrst farin 24. febrúar 2001 Guðmundur H Christensen, Jórunn Harðardóttir


Swimming in the Burning Soup WI 6

Leið merkt inn sem A7

Up a series of steep thin icicles north of A6 to a large mantle.
Continue up the thin 10m pillar and up to the top.

Fyrst farin í 24. febrúar 2007 Ines Papert, Audrey Gariepy, 100 m WI 5+ WI6

Danska leiðin WI 4+

Leið merkt inn á mynd sem A6

Fyrst farin desember 1993 Tómas G Júlíusson, Karl Ingólfsson, 100m


Flowers and Puffins WI 6

Leið merkt inn sem A5 á mynd

Up a few easy sections south of A6 to the large overhang. Up
the steep 15-20m pillar right of A4 into the main ice above.

Fyrs farin 24. febrúar 2007 Ines Papert, Audrey Gariepy, Tvær spannir, fyrri WI 3+  og seinni WI6

Captin Hook M 9+

Leið merkt inn sem A4 á mynd

Through the overhang south of A6. WI4 slab start, then 15-
20m overhanging bolted mixed climbing to a large icicle in
the cave (stance there). Then another 10-15m through the
overhang and onto the main curtain above.

Fyrst farin 27. febrúar 2007 Albert Leichtfried, Markus Bendler, WI 4, M9/+

Sólhvörf WI 4

Leið merkt inn sem A3 (betri mynd óskast)

Up a ramp in the southernmost sector.

Fyrst farin í desember 1994 af Karl Ingólfson, Jóhann Kjartansson. Þrjár spannir.

Arctic Pillar WI 5+

Leið merkt inn sem A2 á mynd

Up steep pillars north of A1 (not formed in the picture).

Fyrst farin janúar 2008 Mario Sertori et al. 80 m


Wish you were here WI 6+

Leið merkt inn sem A1 á mynd

A steep and delicate route up a series of overhanging icicles
south of A3. The route is dedicated to the legendary Hari
Berger, who died in an ice climbing accident shortly before
the first ascent of the route.

Fyrst farin 24 febrúar 2007 af Ines Papert, Audrey Gariepy, 60m

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