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Apaspil WI 4+

Leið númer 2 á mynd

40m WI 4+

FF. Eiríkur Gíslason og Rúnar Óli Karlsson 11.01.2009

Dreggjar dagsins WI 4

Leið númer 1 á mynd

50 m WI 4

FF. Eiríkur Gíslason, Rúnar Óli Karlsson og Örvar Dóri Rögnvaldsson

Krossfesting WI 4+

Route number 4 in the photo

WI 4+ 120m

In Kirkjubólshvilft there are approximatly 7 possible lines to climb, not entirely certain which ones have been climbed.

Kirkjubólshvilft is a known avalance area, once there was an avalance that fell from the circe and down to Funi, the towns junkyard. So check out the snowpack at some point.

FA: Bjartur Týr Ólafsson and Jónas G. Sigurðsson, the Good Friday 2016

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