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    Hæ! I’m a guy from Barcelona and I’m planning to live here in Iceland for a while (I hope more than 2 or 3 years). I was in the training to join like a member in the ICE-SAR (the rescue team of Iceland) but I need to quit it because I was to busy on the university, but now I’m more free. I’m planning to learn as much as possible in mountain technical methods. I’ve been all my life going around in the mountains of the Pyrinees, in Spain, but I never learnt how to use a rope for example. I don’t like this lack of learning in my relation with the mountains. Is one of the crevasses that separes me between my dreams and my reality. My relation with the mountains and the wilderness keeps me in life and I want to learn as much as possible of technics to have a more close relationship with the landscape.

    I want to create a group (or join in one already created) to go often to the mountains in Iceland, with experienced people than can teach us and unexperienced people (like me) that can learn and bring some wine as a gift for the teachers! Maybe every weekend. I’m planning a lot of things. Also travels with bike around highlands. I want to join in the courses of mountainguides to be more autonomous, to learn more. If you want to create a group to go to the mountains just call me or send me an e-mail, we can meet in my place and make a barbecue (yeah, if have one!)to meet each other. You’ll find me so often in Klifurhúsid training, I’m recovering step by step from a lession in my arm. I’m a Spanish looking guy with a big beard and always listening music in my mp3.

    See you in the mountains!


    Hi Victor Francisco!

    It’s nice to see your interest in climbing and mountaineering, good for you! However, learning basic rope management in an alpine environment will be tricky for you if you do not already have friends who are willing to take you out and teach you.

    Take courses if you can, either with the guiding companies or SAR parties. Klifurhúsið offers basic roped climbing courses in the spring.

    Hang out in klifurhúsið and get to know people, they will be more willing to take you out if they know you, rather than waiting for them to reply to post like this.

    Isalp rarely organizes trips and teaching anymore and most people who do go on our trips are expected to be able to take care of themselves.

    Don’t give up and good luck!


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