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Missions for this year:
– climb 8a or in Iceland or wherever on this planet.
– climb Chocolat Chaud and Flying Circus (M10)
– climb the harder route on Thumall (trad)
– climb Sundlaugarparty trad
– Walk to Iceland’s highest point
– Get/stay sponsored by Petzl (or BDel), Cintamani, Boreal and Sterling and any other company that has some money to spend these days :)
– Move to Kandersteg next Autumn/Winter and climb all routes there (multipitch. trad, mixed and ice)
– Join the WC iceclimbing and get into the finals on lead and speed
Who’s up for training with me?
I mean running, biking, core stability training, fingerboard-hanging, climb trad in Hnappavellir, climb ice in summer time, train for speedclimbing (ice), have figure-of-four-figure-of-nine-sessions, and just climb loads of meters of rock.
Actually, this is a serious question…I need people to train with me :)
So…what’s your mission???
Greetings from Kandersteg (CH)