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Með þessu ágæta vídjói stendur:

Do not try this at home! (Nema þú náttúrulega búir á jökli eða eitthvað, sem ég held að enginn sem horfir á jútjúb gerir.)
This is performed by ‘professionals’ under controlled circumstances. (Þið sjáið bandið.)
This is filmed on Fortress Glacier, an icefall coming out of Vatnajökull (SE-Iceland).
As you may see we found a hole in the glacier where he’d melted down for some reason. It goes down about 20 meters and it was very fun to go down to the bottom and climb back up. Also some of the wilder bunch (Bæjarar) decided to leap over it Vertical Limit style.
You can see how that worked out.