Matteo’s 100 Challenge!

One of our members, Matteo Meucci has started his project, “Matteo’s 100 Challenge”. To finish the challenge he has to climb 100 winter routes, ice-, mix- or alpineclimbing and then he will finish off next summer by running 100 km ultra marathon

The climbing part has a few ground rules set by Matteo:
1. The route has to be new to him, nothing he has done before.
2. Each route only counts once, he can’t climb a route many times.
3. He’s going to do as many first accents if possible.

Matteo decided to do this challenge because he’s turning 40 at the start of 2017 and this is his way of hosting a birthday paty and to prove that even if he’s turning older it’s not holding him back from climbing, running and doing other physical activities

The Icelandic alpineclub supports Matteo in this project, along with other organizations and companies

An interview with Matteo can be found at Icelandic mountain guides webpage

During the winter you can check out the instagram hashtag #rockicerun to see the progress of the project

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