Vífilsfell is well known for hikers but less known for climbing. In Ísalp journal #16, 1980, Ísalp topo #10 was issued and it describes climbing in Vífilsfell. This topo was the first one in Iceland that featured rock climbing, previously two topos had been issued that featured snow and ice climbing in Tindfjöll & Botnsúlur

3. Reykháfurinn – Grade III
4. Skuldaskil – Grade III+
5. Nafnlausa leiðin – Grade II
6. Vesturhlíð – Grade I
7. Flóttamannaleið – Grade II
8. Norðvesturhlíð – Grade I/II

Read the descriptions with care, specially what gear to bring. Also remember that Vífilsfell is made out of very loose rock and is not really suited for climbing.


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