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    Great weekend and a truly superb location. Thanks for organising it ISALP, and not least for offering me the (in)famous Lift For Helen… :)!

    I forget to get your details Gummí (sp?!) for the photos exchange – perhaps text me on 896 4323 and we can work out what to do there… I also have just one pic. of you leading on that 2nd pitch you did on the Saturday. Maybe I could just email this to you if you would like.

    Never did chat to the Man From Swindon, but hey! good luck and have fun in the Avon Gorge (my old stomping ground); thanks for the offer of the lift anyways. Have you been down to Devon and to the seacliffs at Baggy Point yet? – cracking wee spot.

    Cheers for now, h

    PS. could someone please post in english the ISALP website link to the photos of this weekend once they are posted – for this I would be most grateful

    PPS….and does anyone know how to find the photos of the Sunday in January spent on the day out organised by Örlygur: someone told me they are on the website somewhere also… (I er, get a bit lost (understatement!) navigating my way the website… its a language thing…)


    Hi Helen, hope you had a fun at last weekend. Like you know, I was´t able to come because of my workplan. It´s terrible that I could´t get there to climb with you and the other guy (I have forgot his name) and of cause not meeting all the other guy´s from Ísalp.
    Here is the linc to Gummi´s website and there is some photos of everyone that was climbing that sunday.

    best regards,

    Gísli Hjálmar


    Hi Helen we I spoke to you on Friday after my climb ;o)
    Thanks for the tip, will check out Avon Gorge and Devon.

    Halli (Swindon)


    thanks Gisli and Halli.

    Yes, Gísli it was a nice weekend and it was a shame not to meet up, but perhaps I am a little inexperienced on the ice anyway. You are welcome to come and visit in Stykkishólmur! There is plenty of ice up here still…

    hope your weekend wasn´t too bad in the end – I think the West may have had more sun?

    thanks for the link!

    Halli – Yes, I remember meeting you briefly!

    enjoy those climbing spots I mention. Also Pembrokeshire in South Wales is really amazing for hundreds of diverse sea cliff climbs – can be like the mediterranean on a good, hot summer day! If you need people to meet to climb with I will put you in touch with friends in Bristol: they need to get out more! h

    Gummi St

    Hi Helen and thanx for the weekend !

    I have your photos on my laptop, I’ll write them on a CD for you, do you know anyone going from Reykjavik to Stykkisholmur ? Else I could just mail it to you?

    Gummi St.


    Hi Gummi


    I am coming into town nxt Weds to collect a friend from the airport so maybe we could arrange something then?

    text me and we can work something out. I plan to get into town around 5pm.

    cheers, H

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