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    I appear to have signed up for some accomodation this weekend, either in a clubhouse(?) or camping. either option is fine by me, although if there are folk camping then this would be preferred, just because of costs.

    Please could anyone tell me where to go to find this accomodation on arrival in Akureyi? It would be good to have a physical address and a telephone number.

    (Thanks Orylgur for the details you gave me – I will try to get in touch with this Jon Marino individual today)

    hopefully see you all there – anyone travelling up tommorrow during day that would like to share a lift, this might be nice, and we could take time and have a hike on the way perhaps. Otherwise, I am still investigating possibilties of a ride on Thursday evening now – anyone out there that can help???

    cheers, h



    A rough translation from Siggi Tommi’s Topo:
    Drive north to Akureyri on A-1 (A as the equivilant of UK „A“-roads), continue through Akureyri on A-1 until you reach Ljosavatnsskard and then pull to your left on A-85. You drive A-85 until you reach a junction and turn again to your left on B-851 (B or even C class in the UK) drive approximately 12km. until you reach Bjorg estate where the hut/bunkhouse is, this road is probably quite bumpy and if snowy it could be impassable if you are driving a wee car.

    Hope this helps.

    I do hope you spend a bit of time before you start climbing to familiarise yourself to the „Icelandic Climbing Calls“, which are quite different from their British cousins (at least my experience…) ;o)



    thanks for this. Very helpful
    so I see it is not in Akureyi at all even?

    Hmmm, I see the place on the Kortmap. looks a lovely spot, but at present if I drive alone not sure the Clio will make it in!

    There may be the chance of alternative accomodation for me anyway presently, although this hut sounds like a really great location.

    Yes I hear what you say re. the calls. I already found they are a bit different the other day.

    cheers for now, helen


    Try to see if anyone is travelling around the same hours as you, i.e. when you go off the A-85. I’d reckon Siggi Tommi or Freysi (the newly elected president of the club) would be the best point of contact if in any doubts regarding driving conditions when turning off A-85.
    Here are their mobile no.
    Siggi Tommi 8967319
    Freysi 8688754

    When do you plan to head off, Thurs. evening?

    Me and my mates will head north from Reykjavik at the crack of dawn on Friday. Feel free to contact me if you are in trouble, +44 777 6317 530 (travelling to Iceland tomorrow).



    thanks Hallí.

    there is a unexpected and welcome possibility that I might be travelling up with others on Thursday night now (incl, Freysi possibly?). I hope this works out for me. Otherwise then yes, a lift Friday would be good. I shall call you tmw/text you if I don´t hear more re. potential Thurs lift.

    cheers for now, and thanks for the contact numbers

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