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I ended the bolting of a new route in Bolaklettur on friday 28th October. The mix part is about 20m long, with 9 bolts. The route has been bolted grounding up so might be that is not perfect; the first part was led and I just hang on the axes for bolting, for the second (more overhanging) i had to make some aid climbing but still on axes except for 2 cams (ladder connected to one axe and I was on the other).
The route need ice on the top part, that can be in two pitches to the top of the cliff: there is no a top anchor at the end of the rock part neither on top of the cliff.
I propose „Alea iacta est“ (the die has been cast) as name and M8-M9 as grade to be confirmed (no one has climbed yet).
The route is not red tagged, everyone can go and try!
Would be kind if you invite me in the game if you go and in case return to me the 5 quickdraw left.
Have fun!