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One question. What do you base your winter definition on? Why does that definition apply to Iceland?

This year winter in Iceland is from October 24. to 21. April by the old Icelandic. That’s because in the old norse calender we only used two seasons, summer and winter.

I’m not sure if anyone has done this by your definition, but even though it might now be well documented doesn’t mean nobody did it. Within your time frame and definitions, probably unlikely. But you can always define your way into a first of course.

Best of luck. ICE-SAR will of course pick you up if you get into trouble you can not solve. And I assume you will do your utmost to solve stuff by yourself by the way you write.

But it would be prudent if you had some way, insurance or other, to at least cover costs if you need a rescue. We do all the fund-raising by ourselves and rescues like this are costly. And I really hate working on security on football matches, so please don’t force us to take on more of those 🙂

Have fun, stay safe, and do a picture show for ISALP when you get back into Reykjavík.