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Le Robinet WI 3+



63.818812, -18.068913, https://maps.app.goo.gl/khmKKwvZDtcwg2re8


Park at Geirland and walk upstream towards the old power plant in Mörk. The line is found on the right side walls ( west face) among other climbable lines

The route:

The route is about 60m long. Starts with a 10m vertical section (WI3+) followed by a walking section. Then the route follows up on 30m of WI3 to the base of the last pillar. The final pillar is short but intense, 10m or less of vertical smooth ice, WI3++. On the first ascent we topped out above the pillar which was an issue to find a proper anchor, since the pillar is born on the wall itself and there was no ice on the top. The route was originally climbed in 3 pitches but it’s probably better climbed in just 2.

Ójöfn ferð WI 3

40m pitch above Geirland, route number 2 in the picture (number 1 is Dominos)

Florent Irion and Mery González, 15th January 2023

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