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    Otto Ingi
    Otto Ingi

    Ég og Palli Sveins. fórum tvær leiðir í Múlafjalli í dag. Eina nýja sem Palli setti upp og Örverpið. Það er komin slatti af ís þarna, nóg til að mixa boltuðu leiðirnar.



    Went in Mulafjall yesterday, bolted „Fear is 90“ in Leikfangland and open another project close by (info later on). Conditions are getting better, Testofan is climbable and many other lines look thin but doable. fresh snow while was there.
    Blikdalur looks doable
    Eilifsdalur looks doable


    Today (November 4) Helgi, Kate & I went to Múlajfall (thanks Matteo for the beta). We were looking for easier climbs to start the season, so only top-roped on C15 (Helgi). The ice was not very thick and had lots of air pockets, but was good to climb. We also scouted Brynjudalur just by curiosity, but it didn’t look thick enough to us.



    Hi, Jonni and Me went in Mulafjall. First we climbed an ice line (WI4) on left of „fimm I fotu“ and then the line on the right of „Chinese Hoax“ recently bolted by Palli (M6?) on October 6th.
    Quite more ice then last time. Didn’t snow in last part of Hvalfjordur as in RVK last night, no snow on the approach.
    Another party from Hvolsvollur climbed B10. Járntjaldið – WI 4.



    went in Mulafjall today to bolt a couple of routes. The first one in Leikfangaland, „Mind power“ M7ish 14 bolts on the left of D7 Dotadagur.
    The second not finished yet in in Testofan is C12 „Bestur vetur“.
    I saw 3 major rockfall happened during summertime, one on the right of Pabbaleid, one at the start of C8 Keisarinn and the last one on the right of D4 Fengitiminn in Leikfangaland: be careful on climbing close by!
    Ice is getting better even if some umbrella grew in this windy day, some cleaning needed in the climbing.



    Good snow conditions for alpine climbing on the Northeast ridge on Skessuhorn yesterday. Lots of very good firm snow. Unfortunately we weren’t able to complete the route due to high winds and white out.

    Hopefully some of this snow will survive the rain.

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